"Beyond the Semitone": a Symposium on Tuning, Scale Systems, and Microtonality in Historical and Contemporary Contexts

October 24, 2013 - October 27, 2013
University of Aberdeen

United Kingdom

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"Beyond the Semitone": a Symposium on Tuning, Scale Systems, and Microtonality in Historical and Contemporary Contexts

Deadline: 1 May (abstracts), 1 July (scores)

Dates: 24�27 October 2013


Department of Music, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
A series of Papers, Workshops and Concerts to be presented in collaboration with �sound� Festival

Call for Abstracts: deadline 1 May, 2013

We invite submission of abstracts of up to 300 words. Papers may address the music of any period, concerning issues such as tuning systems, microtonality and scale systems. A wide range of approaches is possible; drawn from, for example, history, analysis, cognition, theory, compositional practice, or performance practice. Papers will be 20 minutes in length, with 10 minutes for discussion. Email abstracts to Frauke J�rgensen (f.jurgensen at abdn.ac.uk).

Call for Scores: deadline 1 July, 2013
There will be a series of Workshops given in collaboration with visiting performers, to which composers either experienced in, or interested in, microtonal music are invited to contribute. Compositions may be up to 10 minutes in duration, and will be workshopped for at least 30 minutes. Contact Geoff Palmer (g.palmer at abdn.ac.uk) in the first instance, for more technical detail/information pertaining to each ensemble. Scores may be emailed (as PDF attachments), or sent in hard copy to Geoff Palmer, MacRobert Building 712, University of Aberdeen, AB24 5UA, Scotland, UK.

Workshops will feature: Scottish Voices (female voices in up to four parts), Duo Contour and Donald Bousted (two microtonal trumpets [19 div.] and malletkat), Edinburgh Quartet (string quartet) 

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